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Life of Terra Nova, the Spintree

Terra Nova is an exoplanet I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now. In my RPG times I’ve GM’d a couple of sessions on Terra Nova (some of them good, some of them flops), this helped me to get some nonsense and impractical ideas thrown out. Let’s introduce you to the planet itself.

Terra Nova

TN is the fifth planet of an atypical binary system, composed of a brown dwarf and a G-type main sequence star, slightly more massive than our sun. This creates a wide elliptical orbit for planets within the system. Because of this, TN has a wide array of weather conditions which would be inhospitable to most earth life, but the florofauna of TN has adapted in various ways to the chaotic weather patterns of the planet. I will disclose a lot more detail about TN in another article soon.

The Spintree

The Spintree is an organism that from a distance resembles a palm tree with vertically...

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Me, Grays and extraterrestial life in general

Hi! Let me introduce myself, I’m Jacek, a 27 year old programmer fascinated with astrobiology (I think xenobiology has a much nicer ring to it, so I’ll be using that one a lot here). No matter how you got here, I’ll try to entertain you with my ramblings, so feel free to stay, comment and ask me about anything you like.

I’m a weirdo, at least that’s what my girlfriend keeps telling me when I start rambling about extraterrestial life. My fascination with extraterrestials started at an early age, when my father left me in front of the tv with a “documentary” on alien abductions. Being a barely 5 year old child this moment changed my life (and led to many years of nightmares and a pathological fear of Grays, which I’ve mostly outgrown but to this day it makes every horror movie with aliens worth watching). Don’t get me wrong, the whole alien abduction phenomenon is preposterous and I have...

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